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Keep on Running!

Started running again this week! For some reason I decided that it was a good idea to enter two half marathons: the Coventry Half Marathon on March 1st and the Silverstone Half Marathon on March 15th. My training in 2014 was pretty much non-existent! I ran the Silverstore Half Marathon on minimal training (I was running maybe…

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This year is almost out. A new one coming and it’s time for the all-important new year’s resolutions! I’ll commit to doing at least one more half marathon this year… maybe even two! I’ll see how my training goes. But for now, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. I’ll end this short…

Silverstone Half Marathon Update

My first official Half Marathon! My time was 1h:52m:04s. It was a cold, wet and miserable day, at least weather-wise. But, on the track it was fun. I did start to look for the mile markers towards the end, but I still managed to finish with a sprint (which was probably at the same speed…

A Short Video

I created a new JustGiving page yesterday for the Silverstone Half Marathon and I thought I’d add a video of my brother Christos which I made from old super 8mm reels that I had. In the video you can see how his walking was affected from a very young age and it got progressively worse….

It’s been a long-long time!

It has been an awful long time since I last posted on this blog. I doubt that anyone is reading this, but I thought I might as well update it! My training hasn’t been going great. I’m still running, but a new job, a few bouts with the flu, the short days and the bad…