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Keep on Running!

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Started running again this week!

For some reason I decided that it was a good idea to enter two half marathons: the Coventry Half Marathon on March 1st and the Silverstone Half Marathon on March 15th. My training in 2014 was pretty much non-existent! I ran the Silverstore Half Marathon on minimal training (I was running maybe 5-6 times a month in the run up to the race!) and then I ran again a few times until I completely stopped in August. I did run the Movember race in November, but that was a one off!

Here’s a photo from my first training run:


Well, I’m really psyched up for these two races. I won’t be racing alone this time, so it’s going to be a lot of fun! I will be much slower than last year (which was slower to the year before… talk about progress! 🙂 ) but hopefully, I’ll keep on running…

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