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Why Lemonade?


Why? Clearly because lemonade is just an awesome, healthy, great tasting drink!! If you ever find yourself at Kos, you just have to try the home made lemonade from the guys at The Watermill at the village of Zia up in the mountains!!

But I hear you say… No, really, why Lemonade? Well, as you’ve probably gathered it is a favourite drink of mine, and if you ever had the task (or perhaps misfortune) of coming up with a witty, cool, easy-to-remember domain name, you probably know that it is an almost impossible task – at least for those of us who are not very creative or gifted and talented in the dark arts of Internet Marketing!

So, I needed something to combine Orange and Pink in the domain name and I thought why not make my own beverage consisting of Orange and Pink Lemonade!! (but most probably someone in the world has already beaten me to it… they just didn’t think of buying the domain name! 🙂 ) And that’s how was born!