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Why Pink?

Pink because of Breast Cancer. I decided to fundraise for Cancer Research UK because I have supported them in the past and because I wanted to help in treating and ultimately eradicating any type of cancer.

My Mum died 20 years ago from breast cancer. She was 53 years old and lost the battle with cancer about 2 years after she was diagnosed. It was one of the hardest things seeing her condition deteriorate. I’m positive that contributing to Cancer Research UK will help prevent the suffering for cancer patients and their loved ones.

My Mum was a woman with endless energy. She was caring for my brother, and looking after me, my Dad and Grandma, and also keeping our (very) small house all neat and tidy! Being a parent now myself, I can appreciate all her hard work to keep everything ticking, especially as back then, money was tight, our house was small and obviously, caring for my brother as he was growing up and needing more and more help was taxing physically but also psychologically.

In many respects she was properly old school, but she was also ahead of her time in lots of other ways!! She was hard working, strict and could be fearsome, but also fair, consoling and always willing to help out anyone in need.

She was born in Piraeus and she was the reason I became an Olympiacos supporter! (My brother followed my Dad’s footsteps and supported Panathinaikos! Talk about a divided family! 🙂 )

I believe she would’ve been a great Grandma to my two children. I wish there was a magic wand to make that happen, but there isn’t one. The next best thing is to try and find a cure of cancer by contributing to Cancer Research UK. So please make a donation to this page I set up with JustGiving. I’ll be doing various events throughout the year and I’ll be keeping this website updated adding the events to my JustGiving Page. Your help is very much appreciated.